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Recruiting is NOT one size fits all. It is time that recruiting was made specifically to your needs.

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CK Recruiting is an executive search firm that is redefining what it means to find and offer talented individuals to join your organization. We pride ourselves on taking a hands-on personal approach where we will take the time to get to really know you.

Recruiting The Way

It Should Be

We take our time to listen, communicate, & assess your needs as a job seeker. Our unconventional approach will be exactly what you have been searching for from a recruiting firm.

A Breath Of

Fresh Air For Employers

Why choose CK National Recruiting? Because we are not your average recruiting agency. At CK National Recruiting we offer a consultative approach to find you the right person, not just ANY person. We pride ourselves on making strong & long lasting relationships with our clients. We are a specialized talent acquisition firm like no other, come find out why.

Recruiting is not one size fits all. We assess each job opening & candidate as each being unique in their own way. We will cater our job search to match what you are looking for in a new career move & in your next hire.


We will start by listening to exactly what you are looking for.

As a job seeker, we want to know exactly what your dream job is. Paint us that picture, so we can make it come to life.

As an employer, we will take a deep dive into your company culture getting to really know who you are so we can provide the best fit for you and your team.


We believe that communication is key.

As the job seeker, we will guide you through your career search. We will make sure we fully understand your career goals & dreams.

As the employer, we will make sure we are 100% clear on who you are looking for to join your team. There is no time for any miscommunications when it comes to finding your next hire.


We will produce a strategy that is catered to your specific needs.

For the job seeker, we want you to know that not all job boards are the same. Let us help you navigate them while also creating a job alert on our website.

For the employer, strategy is the most important part of the recruiting process. We do extensive market research to create a sourcing strategy that is catered specifically to your needs.

Take Action

There is no time to waste in the job market, so we take action immediately. You can expect a 24 hour turnaround time from our initial phone call to when we begin the search.

For job seeker, we will ensure you are prepared for every interview.

For the employer, we have extensive database of candidates to call, text and email.

A Breath of Fresh Air To

Catered Talent Acquisition

Most firms have a “one size fits all” approach to recruiting which is outdated & no longer provides results. At CK National Recruiting we get to know you and develop a recruiting approach that is tailored specifically for you. Our agency teams up with other firms in your specific industry providing a higher level of recruiting that will fill your open role. Because of the relationships we have built throughout the years, we are able to fill your open roles up to 40% quicker than traditional recruiting.

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We are providing over 10 years of professional recruiting services & we are not afraid of breaking the recruiting mold.